About Us

Who We Are

Medical Craft design, manufacture and distribute industry leading quality surgical instruments and products. Our mission is to improve lives through supporting improved and advanced surgical techniques with equipment that we can supply.


Medical Craft prides itself in supplying wide range of highest quality precision-crafted, stainless steel surgical instruments. Every instrument is made of durable, surgical-grade stainless steel, crafted to exacting tolerances, and then rigorously tested for reliability and function. All Instruments are proudly backed by a lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects.


We take a broad view of what we can offer to our customers and are focused on delivering an unrivaled service in the surgical industry. At Medical Craft we are determined to help medical professionals perform at their best day after day.

Our wide ranging stock of surgical instruments and products are ready to be dispatched as soon as they are needed by our customers.

Medical Craft has been growing around the world for the last 8 years. We are constantly on the looking for reliable distributors from Europe, USA, Canada and Australia.

We are specially specialized for all kinds of surgical forceps including Artery, Tissue and Organ Holding Forceps, Towel forceps, dressing forceps, bone cutting forceps, Bone holding forceps, Cervical Biopsy & specimen Forceps, ear dressings forceps, ear polypus forceps, tongue holding forceps, septum compression forceps, catheter forceps, extracting forceps.

And also operating and dissecting scissors, umbilical scissors, Retractors, Abdominal Retractors, scalpel handles, Plaster Cast Instruments Plaster Knives, Saws, Needle Holders, Lamina Spreaders, Vaginal Specula and uterine dilators, Crown Instruments.